About Pamir Gudes team

It is hard to imagine Pamir Guides, a successful tour operator in Central Asia, without acknowledging the founding fathers. Saidali, Kuban, and Mendibai coming from a little town Murgab (3560 m) in Eastern Pamir. Theystarted their career when they were working as guides in ACTED (a French development organization) around 2000s. Under the communist regime, Pamir was inaccessible to the outside world. After the end of Soviet Union, it become possible attracting many people to discover the regions landscapes. Following up the proposal, submitted to UNESCO in order to develop tourism in this region, Saidali and Kuban became one of the first pioneers of tourism developing in Pamir. Since then, they have turned into one of the successful tour operators not only in Pamir but also beyond, across Central Asia.

Saidali Gaibuldaev Kuban Kozubekov

According to Saidali and Kuban, Even though we have more than 15 years of experience in guiding tourists by now, we would like to acknowledge our partner Pamirs Bridges, A Swiss Associationfor Foreign Aid and Development. We, all the team of Pamir Guides, highly value and thank Pamirs Bridges for supporting our initiative.