We will meet you at the airport in Osh (Kyrgyzstan). Depending on arrival, check in hotel relaxing and after diner little walk around Osh town. Relaxing day in Osh. Accommodation in Hotel

2 day Sightseeing in Osh

After visit traditional market in Osh, Sulaiman mountain, Museum, and Park. Osh is really nice city with good restaurants. We can have a lunch & dinner in restaurants. We will enjoy our time in Osh. Accommodation in Hotel.

3 day Osh - Oytal valley - 150 km - 4/5hrs / drive

Drive from Osh to Oytal valley sleep in family home-stay or camp near an holy spring (2300m). We will get our horse here and all porters. Prepare for tomorrow trekking. Accommodation in Camp 2300 meters

3 day Oytal valley - Koshmoynok medow - 5 hrs walk

Trekking is extreamly nice around these area. It is not too cold or too hot but excelant for horse ride and trekking. We will pass the Sarybel pass 3150m and Kochmoinok 2820m. We will camp in this meadow valley overnight in tent      . TREK Accommodation in Camp 2820 m    

4 day Kosh moynok - Sarymoghol valley - 6 hrs walk   

We will be walking over Kochmoinok pass 3240m and north Sary Moghol valley2800m. Fantastic place to visit. Camp near a river in Kyzyl suu river. It si wonderfull spot for birding and relaxing. TREK Accommodation in camp     2800 m    

5 day Sarymogoil valley - Sarymogol pass - 6/7 hrs walk                                                                                                                                   

Today, we will talk from Sary Moghol pass to the base camp 3900m. Super valley with stunning Alai range and Peak lenin. Accommodation in Camp 3900 m

6 day Sary Mogol pass - Lakes camp - 5/6 hrs walk                                                                                                                                 

The Sary Moghol pass -4270m pass easier to climb and go down to "lakes camp" -4000m. Accommodation in Camp     Meals BLD                           

7 Day Lakes camp - At jailoo - 6 hrs walk                                                                                                                                                      

Trek down south Sary Moghol valley - 3330m camp near nomad yurts in At Jailoo.  TREK Accomodation in Yurt stay 3330 m

8 day At jailoo - Kara kabak - 5 hrs walk                                                                                                                                                           

Trek to Karakabak Suu- 3640m camp in valley near K S. Accommodation in Camp         3800 m

9 day Karakabak - Kosh kol - 5/6 hrs walk                                                                                                                                                 

Trek to Kochkol Crossing River, climbing to Chorkoupass - 3970m down in valley and climbing to Kochkol pass- 4150m.Camp near the first lake -3900m. Accomodation in Camp 3900m

10 day Full day rest                                                                                                                                                                                     

Rest day in Kochkol mountains circus. Accommodation in Camp 3900 m

11 day Kosh kol - Sary-mogol village - 3 walking -and 45min drive                                                                                                                                                

Trek to Kachkasou 3 hrs down in valleyin in front of Pamir Range. We will meet our driver drive by road to Sary Moghol. Overnight in family home Accomodation in home stay 3200 m

12 day Sary Mogol - Kok suu - 5/6 hrs walk                                                                                                                                                            Morning drive by road in 4-4 to Tchong Kek Sou- 3230m camp near nomad yurts and rest with nomads. Accommodation in Yurt stay 3230 m

13 day Kok suu - Ming jar - 6/5 hrs walk                                                                                                                                                      

Trek ti Kata Bechik canyon Ming Jar. camp in Kata Bechik meadows- 3930 Accommodation in Yurt 3930 m

15 day Ming jar - Kaman suu - 5/6 hrs walk.

 Trek to Kaman Suu climbing to Kanguu pass-3500m- crossing Kaman Suu river climbing to camp - 3840m. CAMP 3840 m

16 day Kaman suu - Tash koungoi valley - 5/6 hrs / walk                                                               Trek to Task Koungei climbing to ochre ridges to 4400m for landscape down to Task Koungei valley and camp at 3700 m Accommodation in Camp 3700 m

17 day Tash koungoi valley - Ak say valley - 5/ 6 hrs walk                                                           Trek to Lenin base camp down to Ak say valley,crossing river , climbing to pass with many lakes around night in base camp- 3600m. Accommodation in Camp 3600 m

18 day Achik tash valley - Tulpar kul lake – day trek                                                                        Trek to camp 1 climbing to Puteshextvenikov pass-4100m down , climbing, crossing river to camp Tulpar kul lake overnight in Yurt and Local concert show folk music. Accommodation in YURT stay 3400 m

19 day Tulpar kul lake - Sary Mogol Village - 4 hrs walk                                                                   Trek from Tulpar Kul lake to Sary Mogol village stay family home stay. TREK Accommodation in home stay    Meals BLD  3200 m

20 day Sary Mogol - Osh - 5 hrs/drive                                                                                                 Morning drive to Osh will cross Taldik pass 3654 m and Alay valley beautiful views and after Chigirchik pass 2342 m to Osh. Overnight in Hotel and prepare for the next distention. Accommodation in Hotel 1000 m

21 day Osh   airport                
Morning transfer to airport according to flight departure hour, Guest will fly next destination. I hope you liked your stay in southern Kyrgyzstan.

Price & date on request