Roaming in the pristine nature and the magnificent scenery. 10 days through the remote area - far from roads - motor noise and civilisation

Immerse yourself in the Pamiri culture with its friendliest hospitality

Day 1 Osh

Visit the Jayma Bazaar one of Central Asia's best                                                           

markets and the centre of the city: We visit also

theTakht-i-Suleiman, "Suleiman's Throne" where

there is an interesting Historical Cultural Museum

and the Silk Road Museum. Lunch in a Chaikhana

(tea house)

Day 2 On the move to Sary Mogul

Via beautiful Alay Valley. Over the Taldyk Pass

(3615m) for an unforgettable adventure. Stop on

the way for lunch. Overnight in home stay in Sary

Mogul. From here the natural scenery of Pamir

Alay range is spectacular. Very close to see Lenin

Pik (7134m).

Day 3 Sary Mogul – Kara Kul (Tajikistan)

Overland border Bor Dobo. After the 20km no

man’s land between Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan, we

cross at the Kyzyl Pass (4282m) the Tajik border

post. The landscape and people are completely

changed as we go higher into the Pamir. The

terrain here is becoming barren and rocky.

Nomadic Kyrgyz herders inhabit this region. Will

make a picnic on the way. Spend the night in very

friendly home stay in Karakul by the lake of same