Adventure Treks of Eastern Pamirs (Tajikistan)

Day 1/Osh – Kara Kul (Tajikistan)

Drive to Karakul. 8-9 hours From Osh over the Taldik pass (4122), Sari-Tash village, and overland Kyrgyz border Bor Dobo. After the 20km there will be in no man’s land between Kyrgyzstans - Tajikistan, we cross at the Kyzyl Pass (4282m) the Tajik border post. The landscape and people have completely changed as we go higher into the Pamir. The terrain here is becoming barren and rocky. Nomadic Kyrgyz herders inhabit this region. We will make a picnic on the way. Spend the night in very friendly homestay in Karakul by the lake of same name, highest salted lake in Central Asia. Little walk around lake. Overnight in home stay meals (BLD)

Day 2 /Karakul – Keng shiber via Murghab.

Drive 7-8 hours north over Akbaital pass (4655). Highest point of the journey. The landscape over Akbaital pass is wonderful. Then, we look forward going to Murgab and our final destination is Kenshiber pastures. Along the way, we shall visit Shakhty rock paintings (4200). Three very similar figures are placed underneath the last animal. This representation has been compared to the so called clavicorn figures of Paleolithic art. It dates (8000-5000 B.C.). Soviet Archeologists Ranov has written much about Neolithic sites in Eastern Pamirs. The terrain here is desolate but has a stark beauty to it. On the way will see some yurt with the nomadic herders, yaks, sheep, and petroglyphs. We will stop with herders to sense the nomadic hospitality having cup of tea. Overnight in yurt/ meals (BLD)

Day 3/ trekking

Today, yearly in the morning we start trekking to Zorkul lake through Belairyk valley, we will use the Yaks for the luggage, on the way we will cross the pass Bel-Airik, (5015m). We will see Marco Polo sheep. From the pass great view of the lake and Little Pamirs over the Lake in Afghanistan. Overnight in tent, meals (BLD)

Day 5 / trekking

Today, we shall be looking forward reaching the summer pasture in Kara Jylga, near Kok Jigit Lake. Early in the morning we will start trekking to Kara-Jilga (4000m) summer pasture, on the way we will see Kok-Jigit lake. This region is remotes areas of Eastern Pamir mountains in Tajikistan. This region is a periphery of not only Tajikistan but also of the world. Overnight in Yurt.(BLD)

Day 6/ Kara Jilga– Bachor

Morning we drive to Bachor, settled village in a beautiful law land valley, on the way we will visit to Jarty-Gumbez hot springs.The terrain here is desolate but has a stark beauty to it. On the way to Bashgubes village, 9km from the main road, you will see very old China's tomb. Alichor village and over the pass Koi Tezek 4245 m. Overnight in homestay. B.L.D

Day 5 trekking

Early in the morning, we start walking from Bachor to Yashil Kul Lake. One the way to Yashil kul lake, we will stop pitch a tent in Chapdar valley, incredible place. We will be walking among bushes, grassland, and some hills. Overnight in tent meals (BLD)

Day 6 trekking

Morning walking from Yashilkul lake to Bulunkul lake, ride along both lakes. Yashilkul lake to Bulunkul lake is very rich for geographical history and archeological sites. According to academic sources, “This region is comprised of the valleys belonging to the Karademur, Bolshoi Marjonai and Tshangil rivers. Ancient mines, settlements connected to mineral exploitation, tombs and funeral structures form the diversity of archaeological sites in this area” and “The valley of Bolshoi Marjonai itself is dotted with about a dozen kurgans, which are square and rectangular burial structures. The sites themselves have not been excavated, but are attributed to the Saka Period because of their resemblance to similar monuments.” (Vadim A. Ranov and Cecile Veber 2014). Overnight in yurt in Bulunkul village near the lake meals (BLD)

Day 7 /. Bulun kul lake – Murghab

Drive to Murghab 8-9 hours from Bulunk Kul village to the town. On the way, visit Jilandy hot spring, than drive over the pass Koi tazek 4244m. Jilandy considered to be holy place and still today many law land Pamir people come here for medicine and healing purposes. There many so called (Mozar) sacred sides all over Pamir mountains. Jilandy is one them. Having a nice rest in Jilandy, we will drive to Murgab.

Overnight in homestay or Hotel Pamir. Meals (B.L.D)

Day 8/Murghab - Osh 8-9 hours.

The distance between Murgab is Osh 420 km. We shall leave earlier today because of longer distance. The ride will be smooth and nice. We will have a lunch in Sary Tash or bit further ahead after Taldyk pass. The feeling will be like going from highland to lowland. We will decrease the elevation starting from 4000 to 1000 meters. Osh is wonderful city after all. Overnight Hotel in Osh, Meals (LD)