Pamir Tien-Shan

Welcome to Central Asia: Adventure through Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.


Dear friends, today you will arrive to Dushanbe International Airport in the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe City. The Dushanbe International Airport is about 2 km from the city. Our guides and drivers will welcome you at arrival and together we drive to arraigned hotel or homestay. It is about 20 minutes of driving from the airport to the hotel. Depending on arrival and having little rest at hotel, the first day starts with city tour around Dushanbe. We start with a walk in center, main avenues to get a sense of post-soviet, semi modern, traditional Tajik society and infrastructure. Then we visit National Museum, which is four stare and tall building. The museum has historical, cultural, environmental, archeological, and mineralogical artifact. We will see the prototype of sleeping Buddha. Then, we proceed, a walk along the Rudaki Avenue where we will see president’s palace, world tallest flag, Ismail Somoni’s statue, 10th century Tajik leader. We will get a sense of nation building process after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Near the stature, there is a large national library decorated with famous Persian poets, classic writers, doctors, and scholars.

This city less crowded, well-developed public transportation, and local choikhona’s, teahouses, prepares very nice traditional food, especial in lunch times. At evening times, the center is quite and you would often hear music from the Moscowsky restaurant, where you can have dinner.


            Usually at this time of the year, June, July August, the temperature in south west Tajikistan is hot, +36 C. As we leave the capital towards the east, we get to see hills full of wheat plantation. We will drive along the railroad up to Dangara District. Over the pass, we will arrive at Nurek water reserve. When there is open sky, this place brings spectacular landscape.

After the little drive, landscapes changes. We start seeing bushes and trees. As we pass through two tunnels, we will see cultivated land, wheat plantation, and barley plantations. We will start seeing mud brick local houses, electric grids and some villages. In the Dangara, we will see cattle breeders, cows, sheep and goats. Fields becomes greener and greener. Then, we rich ancient 10- century city Hulbuk. Note that, excursion must be quicker. Otherwise, we have long driver today until the destination.  

Then, we drive bit further. Before entering the Kulob city, we will stop before the city and buy fruits, local bread and some snack. Just leaving the city, we will stop for lunch in ordinary teahouse. Having lunch we maintain towards Shurabad pass, which is very dry and hot and little windy. At the top, we will stop at checkpoint. As we pass, the temperature becomes cooler. Finally, we will reach the famous, Oxus River and Afgan border. As we drove down closer to river, we will be introduced to the livelihood of Afgan people on the other site of the river.